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How put a Chair for baby in the car


20 Dec How put a Chair for baby in the car

Types of chairs for babies

In our babies online shop, Zilendo, know the importance that have the chairs of car for babies and by this you explain them types that exist and how put them. You can find different models in the section of car seats for babies.

There are different types of Chair for babies. Are divided by groups that differ to those children and their protection according to its age but, above all, weight. It is good to keep in mind this point because it is not the same system of fastening for younger than for older.

Group 0: They are chairs of child restraint for kids up to 10 kg and up to 9 months. Known as cuckoos always should of go placed looking towards back, in direction opposite to the March, and in those seats rear.
Tipos-de-Sillas-de-Coche-para-bebes-Tienda-online-de-bebes-zilendoGroup 0 +: Chairs for children up to 13 kg and until around 2 years of age. These van in a position more vertical but also should of go directed in sense contrary to the March and in those seats rear of the vehicle. These chairs are known commonly as the maxi-cosi.
Group I: For more major, for children from 9 to 18 kg 9 months to around 3 years of age. A Chair already placed in position vertical and that subject to the child through a harness. Must go placed still in direction opposite to the March, being the last group with this special feature.
Group II: For children aged between 15 and 25 kilos and approximately between 3 and 6 years old. Are chairs more large and adjustable to the age of the child during its use. Use the own belt of three points of the vehicle to tie to the small and is placed in the sense of the March. Can be placed in the seat front.
Group III: The latter group and the first step to leave Chair. For children aged between 22 and 36 kilos, approximately between 6 and 12 years old. More than Chair tend be cushions elevators to the child use of form secure the belt of security. Not in vain, the recommendation is that count with a backrest adjustable. Can go in those seats front or rear and always in the sense of the March.

System Isofix

Each time more manufacturers integrate the type of fastening ISOFIX in your car. Is a fastening standard that allows to them parents tie the Chair of them children to the car's form simple and safe. When a seat has this type of fastening, There is a small label in the own seat that advises of the possibility of placing a seat compatible. Eye, the Chair must be compatible, a point to have in account at the time of choosing the.

Are two anchors soldiers to the own structure of car that appear between the sidewalk and the back of the seat. In case of use a device of retention with this system is worth the penalty have in has that not there that use the belt of security of the car to tie it. So is a mixed system that is not as effective as the ISOFIX.

This anchoring system gathers retainers of Group I and group 0 +. In addition to the anchors ISOFIX, the seats can fit a type of anchor Top Tether, also indicated by a sticker or label, that subject it Chair for the party top. Those who do not have it integrated a bracket that holds the Chair to the floor of the vehicle. This third point of anchorage is essence and avoids that the seat swivel.

Considerations General

cómo colocar una silla de coche para bebés

To finish off our analysis on how place seats infant, know their types and characteristics, not is rather than make a series of considerations to have in has for the parents. The first of these, and can that it obvious, is that if we travel without the child in the car, either remove the seat or the leave anchored. Let it loose, in case of accident, It has become a dangerous object inside the car.

Another issue is the journey. Not there are that have fear or be looking constantly to the child when going in the seat's back. Although go in sense contrary to the March and not you see the face. Is important to prepare an entertainment for the, You can look out the side window and, above all, We do not torzamos or drift away from the gaze of the road. Stand up and fix the problem that relax and create another major is worth.

Some models offer chairs children integrated in the seat back (According to age groups)
Once the child exceeds 1,35 m in height can already travel with own car safety belts, without device of holding child. Not is less certain, not in vain, experts recommend to wait until 1,50 m in height so that your child goes comfortable and the belt can be adjusted for a more efficient. Is by this that a pad lift to that height limit not is a bad idea.

After read this many parents is throw the hands to the head and begin to take accounts. Yes, all these seats children are expensive. But quiet, There are up to 5 groups does not mean that we have to buy up to 5 car seats for babies. In fact, currently many of them, especially if we focus on manufacturers of quality, offer chairs quite modular capable of adapt is to the needs of various ages.

In other words, with seats group 0 + and group 1 could cover an age range, While with them from Group 2 and group 3 could cover another Strip. With only two chairs, provided that these comply with and adapt to the child, We can follow the evolution of the small of way completely legal and safe.

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How put a Chair for baby in the car

We bring you a video tutorial on how place baby in car chairs

You present some models of car seats for babies in our babies online shop.

How put a Chair for baby in the car
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