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Motorola baby monitor MBP16


30 Nov Motorola baby monitor MBP16

Talk to your baby is a very useful functionality available only in some baby monitor.

The model of MBP16 baby monitors from Motorola incorporates a microphone of high sensitivity with sharpness of sound, This just turns a certain threshold of sound on the part of the child. It is of a two-way intercom It will work up to a maximum distance of 300 metres. It has 5 lullabies which can be activated and will help baby to sleep calmly.

The baby device works connected to the mains via a long cable that can be placed on a base. The parent device has a rechargeable battery and can be switched off between 10 and 15 hours. The display shows temperature indicators, volume, warning battery and scope.

The MBP16 baby monitors from Motorola It has a very small size and allows you to communicate with your little if it moves to reassure him. An audio only recommended by our baby babies online shop Zilendo.

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Motorola baby monitor MBP16
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