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Safety at home

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The best selection of for home security articles for babies and children. Secure doors and windows, protective plugs, safety corners and much more in our babies online shop Zilendo.

Tips of safety for babies

Is evident that not can protect our baby of all what it surrounds, However if we can procure him some safety precautions while you are growing and taking awareness of possible dangers. The babies crawling, they pick up anything that is within your reach, open doors and cabinets, and investigate all the ins and outs of the House, Therefore, should be especially careful with those elements that may cause damage. The safety child in the household is something to be very in consideration, because more is worth prevent that cure.

In our babies online shop You'll find items for the House security, so can have the tranquility of knowing that your baby not run any risk.

In addition we also have accessories how harnesses for babies It will help you to learn to walk without suffering constant falls that can cause damage.

Safety for babies in the home

The infant at home It will help you to be quiet before possible beatings from your small furniture. In our babies online shop find barriers, vigilababes, protectors for cabinets, safety outlet plugs and many other elements of protection.

Safety for Baby gates

The doors and cabinets are elements that may pose danger for babies, they can open them or catch your fingers with them. At Zilendo we recommend that you integrate protections for doors and cabinets to avoid the risk.

Most of the guards are bands that are placed by way of insurance that prevent its easy opening.

Safety baby stair

House stairs may pose a great danger for babies starting to crawl or walk, to prevent falls there are barriers for stairs of easy placement to prevent the access of those small.

In our babies online shop We have safety barriers for babies in different models.

Baby monitor

Perhaps one of those accessories more indispensable in any family with a new Member. With your baby monitor You can know how is find your small in all time. There are several models available, the of only audio and of surveillance camera baby. Some of these latest models can be connected through wifi or mobile applications, being an excellent solution to have guarded your baby to know at all times which is well.

In Zilendo We aim to provide you with some Accessories for baby It will help you in your development.

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