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Clothes for babies

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Clothes for babies in the babies online shop Zilendo. Bodies, dresses, hats, shoes for babies and many other accessories and accessories for them more small.

Tips to buy clothes for babies

Dress up our little correctly help the child to find comfortable, warm and can enjoy of the experience of exploring their environment with security.

One of the factors key that will have that have in has at the time of buying clothing for babies, is the size of choice. The sizes of bodies, pajamas and sets tend to segment is by the age of the baby in months, Although in some products we can find values as the height in centimeters of the child.

Ease of put and remove

All our catalog of clothing is easy and comfortable for put. One of the details of the clothes is that almost all of our products have clip buttons, so you can dress and undress to your child in a simple way.

If you are parents first-time you advise that choose garments that are open completely by back or by front. In case of not being so, make sure that the opening for the head is wide enough or have zippers that facilitate placing it

Texture of clothes

Another thing to consider when buying clothes for baby is the material that made turn the. Cotton will allow the baby to breathe in summer and also to keep the heat in winter.

Try to avoid garments for babies that release hair or have elements that can break is and get to your mouth.

Amount of laundry

Should take into account daily you will need between 3 and 4 groups or teams to change it, by what is recommended have a quantity sufficient to power wash them and exchange them with comfort. What ideal is having between 9-12 sets of clothing, but will depend on your needs. It is not suitable to have too many sets of one size because your baby will grow rapidly.

Clothing for babies from child

The clothing for babies from child, It is characterized by having a few more blue colors and a few fun patterns. In our shop we have of packs of bodies and sets of fashionable British perfect for your small go always to the last.

Baby girl clothing

The clothing for babies for girl tends to have a few Pastel pink and, as well as the joint usually go accompanied of dresses and some prints of animals. Joint with jackets and pantyhose for them more small of the family will make that have a look adorable.

You will find variety of models for girls of different ages.

Sets for babies

A solution perfect for baby go combo and elegant. We have of sets for girls and sets for children great quality and cotton fabrics. Your baby may be completely fitted out walk.

Baby accessories

In the day to day will see that will need some accessories that complement the joint basic of your baby. One of these accessories of clothes for babies recommended are the bibs. In our catalogue you will find packs with lining waterproof so your small will be always dry.

You can pass you by the section of baby accessories For more information.

Newborn baby clothes

To the newly born usually does not like being without clothing since they feel unprotected, of equal way must have special city with them babies premature and their clothes. Our catalog features clothing from 0 months.

How dress to a baby

For your convenience it ideal is change you in a dressing room, changer or a bed where the baby can move freely without risk of falling.

When you go to a garment at the top, It first to introduce must be the neck of the garment by the part back of the head and then stretch, passing it by the part of front of the face of the baby. For remove is it first get pass the neck of the garment by ahead of the face and then slide it towards it part rear of its head.

To dress your baby for the arms, Enter your fingers into sleeve, take the baby's hand and stretches along the arm sleeve, ensuring you that the hands of the baby are closed so none of your fingers is hitch.

For undress to our baby is pulls gently of the arm by within the garment to remove the hand by the sisa.

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