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Toys and accessories for children and infants, games and children's toys for children. Our fun range of toys for babies that it promote child development. We have rattles, musical animals, children's gyms, Mobile, etc. All available in our babies online shop Zilendo.

Toys for babies in Amazon

Our Zilendo baby shop, It is an affiliate of Amazon, This means that we take back a percentage of Commission for every product that we sell from our catalogue. In the section of toys for babies of Zilendo, You can find the best selection of the marketplace, products recommended with reviews positive and of quality.

All our products comply with safety standards, Although we recommend read carefully the instructions when you receive it for added security.

Our main suppliers Chicco and Fisher Price, they are recognizable brands in the world of toys for children. All of our toys help develop baby's senses, to educate and have fun above all.

Baby toys buying guide

For a correct purchase of toys for babies There are that have in has the age of the child and its peculiarities. The games must convert to the child or to the girl in actor, enhancing your imagination and creativity.

In Zilendo exclude all those toys war u offensive as believe that US troop values positive for them more small of the House.

Toys for babies from 4 months

Toys will stimulate all the relationships with “their senses” (hear, see, touch, “suck”), through them is like they know the world that surrounds them.

These activities begin their relationship with other objects, is a stage very important in its development.

Some of these toys for babies from 0 to 6 months can be:

  • Rattles, mittens and socks with sound.
  • Carousels music.
  • Plush toys with sound.
  • Mobile for cot.
  • Snapper.
  • Rubber dolls.

Toys for babies from 6 months

From 6 months the child begins to crawl. In these months, predominant movement area, Although not must forget is the areas above. The toys for babies more adapted to their needs would be:

  • Small gym's activities.
  • Carpet of activities.
  • Sound or bright balls and stuffed animals.
  • Balls small soft.
  • Soft toys (fabric or Teddy) that is moving, they emit sounds, lights…
  • Plastic toys for the bath time.

Toys for babies 9 months

In this stage, the baby will start to try to put is of foot, and in addition will have skills motor sufficient to play with walkers, a little more advanced for nesting toys how cubes and more. These are some recommendations:

  • Walkers
  • Small swings to hold in the door. – Top large.
  • Nestable large (for example, series of cubes of different sizes that fit inside each other and serve also to be stacked, or pyramids of rings).
  • Dolls of cloth. – Nestable large (for example, series of cubes of different sizes that fit inside each other and serve also to be stacked, or pyramids of rings).

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