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Bath and hygiene

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Articles of baby hygiene and cared for in our bath babies online shop Zilendo. You'll find hot tubs, bathroom accessories, adapters wc and much more.

What you need to know about bath and baby hygiene

Many parents fail to understand the importance of the Bath baby, it matter not only for hygienic reasons but also because of the emotional ties that can grow in these moments of relaxation to the creature.

Bathing your baby every day at a same time, generates a stable schedule for your rest and until the selected to do this time plays a fundamental role in how will be received the bath for baby. You can adapt this routine for sleep.

The newborn baby bath

A baby does not sweat as an adult, not until he begins to walk it is exposed to the Earth and dirt. Is why pediatricians explained that There is no need to bathe a newborn baby daily, Since wipe with a soft handkerchief she bound moistened with warm water is enough.

It is recommended that the baby's first bath is performed when the umbilical cord is out of his, What should happen after the 10-14 days of life. This happened once, the baby's first bath should be in warm water and without any kind of SOAP for sensitive skin, and to avoid irritation.

How should a baby bath be?

As the baby grows, and it adapted to the routine of the bath, It is essential to get him to this the right way. This is accomplished by bathing them properly. The main thing is to get a good bathtub for them. As the Tub for babies grow with me from Fisher-Price available in the baby shop Zilendo. She works for newborn babies with the hammock which brings, and in the second and third stage is given more freedom of movement to the baby. A variable can also be used as the Baby bath Munchkin Ducky, fits large suitable for babies in bathtubs.

It starts washing the head, then continue with the rest of the body. With one hand you must give support to the baby and other pour water little slowly and delicately. You must be especially careful with your eyes and genitals.

Baby hygiene products

As well as the baby will have their clothing and toys, It is just as elemental acquire certain products that facilitate their hygiene in every day for him. Some of the elements that can not miss are a toothbrush thimble, a nasal aspirator with soft tip, a nail Clipper and thermometer. All this is easier to carry in a compact kit as kit SCH400.

Hygiene tips for the newborn
• When cleaning a baby's eyes slightly passes a piece of cotton soaked by the eyelids.
• When do with ears, also moves a piece of cotton front and back.
• You can cut nails the baby after bath because they will be soft as well as the relaxed baby.

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