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Diaper change

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All it needed for the change of diapers, kits, changers, diapers for different ages, bags and many others baby accessories in the Shop for babies Zilendo.

How change diapers

The a baby diaper changing many times can be difficult so we want to give some advice whether you are a first-time parents as if you already have some experience

Try to make of the change of diapers a time fun, giving proof to the baby a toy that will entertain the groom. During the first months, changing diapers will be something very common, little by little that frequency will be decreasing and will be the own baby which indicate to you that it is time to change it.

  1. Leave those closures adhesives of the diaper and fold them towards back, pasting them over themselves.
  2. If there is caquita is first recommended to clean with own diaper.
  3. With a hand, hold to the baby by the ankles and lift him slightly them legs
  4. Doblad by enmedio the diaper dirty.
  5. Use a cloth disposable for clean gently the area genital of the baby. Girls should be cleaned from front to back.
  6. Open the diaper clean by placing the part that has the adhesive low them him bottom of the baby. Try that honeycomb is not too bulk between the legs to avoid irritation.
  7. Close the diaper sticking the sides strips assuring you that it is tight.

Tips for changing diapers

A baby spend an average of six or seven diapers to the day at least during its first two years of life. This means that a baby will spend about 6.000 diapers for all your children, of such mode the change of diapers is will do something routine and want to offer a series of tips that will help with the process.

Yes the baby is prone to regurgitate will have to initiate the change of diaper before it takes not lie it then and can do well the digestion.

Keep I always prepared, diapers have to be always at hand to avoid surprises.

To prevent chafing, use wipes to help hygiene and avoid chafing with honeycomb.

Use the appropriate size, choose always the pack of diapers that is fit to the age of the baby or very tight or very loose.

Storing well them diapers, colocadlos in an area dry away from toxic substances and keep away from baby bags.

Not is recommended that the stool is keep in contact with the skin of the baby since this is very delicate, In addition are a field of culture for the bacteria and for irritation. The enzymes fecal are big irritants.

Tips for switching to a child

Each part has to be thoroughly cleaned especially the genitals. While making the change attempts to cover the penis with a fabric clean.

Tips for change to a girl

Is preferable to clean the area of forward to back to prevent that them Lee make contact with them genital.

What diaper buy to my baby

When deciding which diaper disposable buy is important to know when weighs to choose the size right. The majority of the brands of diapers have the following classification:

Phase 1: for the newly born

Phase 2: (3-6 kg)

Phase 3: (4-10 kg)

Phase 4: (9-15 kg)

Phase 5: (13-18 kg)

Phase 6: (17-28 kg)

Before you buy is suitable to be in the absorptive capacity Another feature is that they are hypoallergenic.

There are the diapers swimsuit, useful to avoid losses in the water. These diapers are not swollen and protect just like a classic diaper.

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