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In this section you will find food supplements for infants powdered milk.

Powdered milk

The follow-on milk o powdered milk for babies, is obtained from milk of cow. However, is modifies the proportion of some proteins during its elaboration to is resembles to the milk breast. The follow-on milk is enriched with vitamins and minerals so that it develops better. The lcast for babies You must provide between 40% or 50% of the daily energy needs of the child and ensure their intake of calcium for growth.

Some pediatricians recommend that you keep the follow-on milk in the baby's diet until age two, while others advise it to 18 months. In any case, before administering follow-on milk to your child, It will be convenient to go to your pediatrician to indicate what guidelines to follow.

Powdered milk Nestle Nidina

Nidina Premium is one Home of Nestle milk, perfect for the feeding of infants from birth.
Before using a formula of milk powder should be talking to your pediatrician. When is breastfeeding not possible, You can feed the baby with milk for infants, created starting from cow's milk.

Milk powder Pedialac of Hero Baby

The new formulas of the milk powder Hero Baby Pedialac they contain an innovative combination of fatty acids DHA and ARA and a balanced intake of proteins and nucleotides. Perfect for feeding the baby when it is not possible to manage breast milk.

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