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Recipes for babies and children


10 Dec Recipes for babies and children

You present a series of recipes for babies so that your little all covered food needs.

Feeding of infants from 6 months

recetas-para-bebes-online-Tienda-zilendo-The baby can start with their first baby food arriving at 6 months, of way gradually. In this stage, the food is mixed or complementary, Since the introduction of the first semi-solid has more learning than nutrition function, but the basic power of the baby continue to milk.

To eat well is learning because the power is a habit. When the baby starts to introduce its first food, begins to form is the habit food that it will accompany all the life.

In this stage, We can begin to give you:

Vegetable purees: Potato, carrot, pumpkin.
Cereals (precooked or not) and
Purees of fruits: apple, banana, PEAR.
The fruit can be natural or cooked type Compote, since they provide vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers.

The MOM can choose the schedule in that you going to give it food. No matter it is at noon, to the evening or to the night. What does matter is that both MOM and baby can enjoy the relaxed and tranquil time.

The second meal is incorporated to the 8 months, in a Schedule opposite to the of the first. If the first was the lunch, the second will be the dinner, or vice versa.

The first meal will replace the socket or that the baby took on that schedule. The same will happen when the second daily meal is included. Not ago missing give you the chest after the lunch or the dinner if is that the child has eaten well.

Then you present some recipes for babies PDF which you can view or download by clicking on the link:

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Complete cookbook and nutrition advice

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Recipes for babies and children
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