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Baby infant gas


01 Feb Baby infant gas

Normal is that during the first months, our baby suffer gas, and that the gases of them babies nursing are very common.

If those gases are excessive need know it cause by visiting to the specialist. If they are mild, There are ways to relieve baby gas. While the baby is breastfeeding is normal that swallow a bit of air, but will have to try that is the minor possible giving you the bottle or the chest of a form quiet and without nerves.

How to relieve infant baby gas?

gases-Bebe-lactante-Tienda-online-de-bebes-zilendoIn the case of which take the baby bottle, We have to keep the container vertically so that no air enters the teat, While if you take the chest we try not to distract it. Once a completed taking, is suitable you burp, sometimes belching takes out. The best positions to help to burp to our baby are: lying mouth down on our legs giving you soft hits in the back. Also you can sit it on top of the legs slightly inclined forward, fasten it by your chest and neck and with the other hand rubbing him back or light Pat.

In the event that the baby suffer nursing baby gas, We can relieve pain with circular massage in the gut in the clockwise of clock and very mild form.

Is essential not put is nervous and have much patience as are us what we have that attempting to calm it and care for the newborn baby.

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