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Where you will find a broad catalog of accessories and accessories for babies to the best price.

Zilendo is one Shop online for baby that wants to help you in the next birth of your baby in addition to offer you advice in our blog about babies.

You can find all kinds of high quality articles to the world of baby. From pushchairs, travel and car seats, household items as cots, high chairs, walkies and feeding premium for our beloved little.

We have an extensive catalogue of products for baby and all brands.

Tips for the care of the baby

When we receive a small in our family, must have a care detailed in each an of their areas so their growth and development intellectual are optimal. Then we'll show you some tips so that your baby is healthy and happy:

Baby feeding

One of the main questions at the time of feed a baby is know if it powdered milk for babies is it more appropriate for the. Based on cow's milk, This is modified by processes to adapt and make them similar to the human milk, What throws as a result a milk nutritionally very similar to which the mother can give you, also performs its functions of support for the growth and evolution of your body. The milk adapted: are which will them give of food to the baby since born to them five months. Milk's formula: It is the food of babies from 5 months from now, contains additional nutrients. In the first months of life, the baby milk It has all the nutrients and proteins that the body of the child needs, However, as of the passing of the months, the pediatrician will have an analysis of its growth and acceptance of the food so that it begins to give you juice, creams, baby food among other soft foods to help the baby's growth. At Zilendo we have milk powder Hero Baby Pedialac and Nestlé Nidina. What you should know about the power of the baby:
  • Is recommended that until those 6 months, the baby only has a power based on milk breast, or adapted milk.
  • Children should begin eating foods with gluten, only after 6 months.
  • When the infant begins to eat solid foods or different creams, the baby milk It is necessary that this is always present.
  • The baby begins to eat fruit, around them 4 months.
  • Chicken and meat after 6 months.
  • Fish from 8 months.
  • You can eat egg, only starting from the 10 months.
  • The food given to the small should prepare instantly and avoid reheat them.
  • It is necessary to sterilize utensils used for food and for giving food to the child.
In the baby food section you'll find fruit jars, meat, vegetables and fish, porridge of grains and powdered milk of first brands such as Nestlé and Hero Baby sure that you'll love your little and you're favoring their growth.

Diaper Changing

The baby diapers they are one of the dilemmas that arise when parents, However are necessary to keep to our baby protected to make their needs basic. The baby diapers, they must avoid being dirty and wet., Since can bring as consequence the irritation of the delicate skin of our baby. The change of diaper You must do eventually, above all before bedtime, wake up each morning, and when you have spent several hours with since diaper. The main thing is that the child has the intimate area completely clean and dry, for that they used towels wet, creams, powders and sponge. The diapers have been evolving with them years, now are disposable and have those who is close with closing magic that is fit to the body of the baby, also come with a band elastic to be comfortable place is it and spend less time in the change of diapers. Is likely that by rubbing, There is irritation of the crotch area, What causes little discomfort. So this does not happen we will have to apply protective creams before placing the diaper, and avoid leaving it put too many hours. That you should know about the change of diapers:
  • Is it because change the diaper several times a day, to avoid that the baby suffered the consequences in your skin.
  • At the time of the change, You must clean the area of the groin and protect it with protective cream. The cleaning must do is without rubbing too much and without press. In the event that the temperature environmental is comfortable, It is recommended to leave the baby a few minutes without diaper.
  • When wash, You must use a SOAP for children, that have a Ph neutral and cotton for dry.
In the section of change of diapers you will be able buy diapers Dodot and Huggies for the different stages of your son.

Shop of clothes for baby

In the majority of cases, for them newborn babies, We will have to have a lot of clothing for baby for alternate, and also we also renew the wardrobe to grow small. Baby garment fabric: Babies are born with an extremely delicate skin, so the fabric covering should be very soft and must be able to protect it properly. The most advisable for this type of clothing is 100% cotton. It more important at the moment of choosing a clothing for the newborn, is that must be easy of set, Remove and have access to change the diaper, without the need of expose it by removing him completely the clothes. Is recommended that have buttons or snaps to be comfortable of put. What to buy to get to the? newborn baby? Should be at home enough so that your baby is comfortable and clean always, You must buy at least:
  • A couple of hats, Since the head must be covered to keep the body temperature.
  • Pajamas for baby that has feet so that the small is protected from the cold.
  • Sets for babies to combine them in different occasions.
  • Bodies for babies to dress up them completely.
  • Several pairs of socks.
  • Shoes for newborn babies, booties or socks.
In our Shop of clothes for babies you will find clothing for boys and girls from 0 months to 24 months, and high quality cotton.

Shop of toys for babies

In our Shop for babies online, are available amount of options to choose toys for baby, taking into account that it is always necessary to stimulate the brain of the newborn. Many of these also may serve as Gift original. Each baby go at your own pace, Although we can help it so this is much more easy with them toys for babies that you have created the expert in this area marks. All our toys comply with the policy of security of the EU, stimulate the developing cognitive and are educational. In our toy store for babies online specialized brands: Fisher Price, Chicco.

Stroller store

The Chair of walk of the baby It will become our best ally when it comes to going out with our baby, While this may not take these long walks. Today, There is a great variety of chairs of paseo, of colors, styles, designs, with compartments to place the accessories of the baby and much more. However, is important that take in has some features that should have the Chair of paseo:
  • Easy to open and close: for many years, It fights constant with these chairs of ride was the time of save them in any trunk or in house, that does not fit in any part. By luck all our chairs of paseo is folded comfortably.
  • Height adjustable, most have 3 height adjustment, to give you a comfortable viewing of your baby.
  • Wheels: The wheels should give you comfort in any type of soil. Some brands allow to remove wheels for the Chair of paseo occupies less space.
  • Brakes: They can only be from the rear wheels or handle, to give you the comfort and security to the mother.
In Zilendo you will find models of pushchairs for babies leading brands and high quality, all certified and in compliance with the requirements of the EU.

Baby's room

The room of the baby may be a space fun and cozy, decorated with love and motherly spirit. Some of the items for babies that you can put in your small room:
  • Cabinet drawers, to organize your clothes, that is of easy access and organization.
  • Wedge o camacuna. The rest of your baby will be one of the main elements.
  • Changer to change diapers, This will ease you back and provide comfort at the time to clean your baby, It is important that it is at a height suitable for the height of the mother and have a protective barrier so it can not fall baby.
  • Children's vinyl to be able to give a special touch to the room of the baby. Are easy to of place and you'll see as the space changes substantially.
In our section of room of the baby You can find furniture and accessories for your little.

Bath and baby hygiene

The baby bath It must be tricky to care for them from irritation, allergies and diseases. The reaction of children to bath, is always insecure. During the bath and the baby toiletries, You must have everything at hand and close so that not leave the child unattended. The water must have a temperature warm, around 36 degrees Celsius. With a damp towel passed carefully by the body. The child should be slightly tilted so that you feel comfortable and you can hold your head high. In the section of bath and baby hygiene You'll find kitchenware how bathtubs for babies, kits with nail clippers to help you with your cleaning.

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